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Productos de gel hidroalcohólico
Our hydroalcoholic gel

Why choose our gels and hydroalcoholic solutions?


Our hydroalcoholic gel is registered by the AEMPS as a biocide with registration number: 1202-DES . Suitable and safe for use in the food and sanitary industry.

Guaranteed hygiene

Thanks to its Aloe Vera content it provides a moisturising effect without a sticky effect.

Gel hidroalcohólico 500ml


Suitable for sanitary use, cleaning service personnel and production line workers in the food industry.

Choose format

We have different packaging to suit the needs of each customer.

Our products

Discover our range of hydroalcoholic gels

Gel hidroalcohólico 100ml

Hand cleaning

Effective waterless hygiene for your hands without the sticky effect.

limpiador de superficies

Surface cleaner

Immediate cleaning without rinsing for application on surfaces.



Deodorises textiles and environments with a pleasant scent.

Choose the size you need

At Qusaine we adapt to the needs of each customer by offering different sizes in each of our solutions: hydroalcoholic hand cleaning gel, surface cleaner and deodorising solution.

Own formula

At LabfS we strive to offer a top quality product, both from a sanitary point of view and in terms of its sensory characteristics. We use the most advanced thickeners, which provide pleasant textures, without a sticky effect. Our products contain allergen-free perfume and are neutralised with AMP, a top-quality neutraliser, both for the sensory quality it provides and for its low irritability. We enrich the formulation with concentrated Aloe Vera to enhance the moisturising effect and counteract the drying effect of alcohol.

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