In LabfS we are always researching the use of the most innovative cosmetic active ingredients. The cosmetic and personal hygiene sector trends require a constant study and update of the field. At the same time, we develop collaboration projects together with the University of Murcia. Those projects help us to stay up to date with the all the news in the cosmetic sector.


Facial skin care products

Manufacture of cosmetic creams, ointments and balms for facial skin care.

Body skin care products

Manufacture of lotions, milks and cosmetic creams for body skin care.

Cosmetic products for personal hygiene

Manufacture of soap, bath gels and other products for personal hygiene.

Hair care cosmetic products

Manufacture of shampoos, conditioners and other cosmetic products for hair care.

Sunscreen cosmetic products

Manufacture of sunscreens, tanning creams and lotions as well as other solar protection cosmetic products.

Cosmetic products for babies

Manufacture of specific gels, lotions and creams for baby skin care.


Manufacture of parfums, essences and fragrances