• Anti-Ageing Serum with peptides and glycosaminoglycans

    43,20 IVA inc.
  • Antiage Detox Cream with peptides, bakuchiol and niacinamide

    53,40 IVA inc.
  • Cleansing Emulsion 2 in 1 with niacinamide and botanical extracts

    29,40 IVA inc.
  • Detox Glow Cream with bakuchiol, azeloglycine and vitamin C

    43,60 IVA inc.
  • Detox Glow Serum with azeloglycine and vitamin C

    39,40 IVA inc.
  • Facial Oil 1% Bakuchiol with algae, birch and argan

    38,40 IVA inc.
  • Moisturizing Tonic with algae, allantoin and ginseng

    25,80 IVA inc.
  • Peeling Lotion PHA with acids and azeloglycine

    33,40 IVA inc.
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