Healthy and safe ingredients

Quality implies not making compromises with health. That's why our formulas include only healthy ingredients that have been proven safe.

Natural origin active ingredients

All of our products contain a selection of highly efficient plant oils and extracts.

Mild surfactants

Our shampoos have been formulated with a series of non-aggressive surfactants that do not affect the balance of the skin or dry out the hair fiber.

Repair and Protect

Our mission is to create a whole range of genuine, effective products that visibly improve hair and scalp appearance.

Natural alternative

We have replaced traditional silicones with an extraordinary water-soluble emulsion based on lipoamino acids of a fat derived from coconut oil and glycerol oleate. This basic ingredient is ideal for hair and skin care product's formulation.
  • Repairing Shampoo with keratin

    12,80 IVA inc.
  • Antifrizz Shampoo

    11,80 IVA inc.
  • Anti Frizz Hair Mask

    6,95 IVA inc.
  • Routine for oily scalp and dry ends

    44,20 IVA inc.
  • Repairing Hair Treatment Pack

    29,55 IVA inc.
  • Anti-Frizz Treatment Pack

    31,55 IVA inc.
  • Anti-Dandruff Treatment Pack

    21,60 IVA inc.
  • Routine for limp, brittle or bleached hair

    52,15 IVA inc.
  • Preventive Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Pack

    22,60 IVA inc.
  • Repairing Hair Mask

    6,95 IVA inc.
  • Repairing Hair Serum

    9,80 IVA inc.
  • Special Summer Pack

    19,60 IVA inc.
  • Antidandruff shampoo

    11,80 IVA inc.
  • Routine for dry and frizzy hair

    42,35 IVA inc.
  • Routine for fine and weak hair

    39,35 IVA inc.
  • Healthy Scalp Pack

    34,40 IVA inc.
  • Scalp Peeling

    9,80 IVA inc.
  • Natural hair and skin oil

    12,80 IVA inc.